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Bournemouth Business Runs Local Event Ads On Facebook

Social Media FB Ads for Local Events


Local Event Promotions via Facebook Ads.


Marketing Bugle, based in Poole and Bournemouth, have been using Facebook Ads since they became available and, indeed, it has become more difficult as time goes by to get the results we used to get.  Yes, it can still be achieved but takes longer, more research and costs per click have risen drastically.  This is down to the competition where more people than ever before are bidding on the same demographics using even more complicated tools.

Over time, this has made it awkward for those wanting to promote a smaller local business event or similar as the business didn’t have the budget required nor the time to perform all the split-testing required in order to see what works and what doesn’t.

Enter Marketing Bugle ‘Local Event Ads’ which now work for our clients faster and with bigger results.

How come? 

By using our specialist strategy which is implementing one outside online software and one specialist Cloud service and together they help make enough difference by NOT doing the same as everyone else, not using the same demographics and using ‘hidden’ Facebook tools that only the top gurus seem to know and tend to keep to themselves.

This unique and, to all intents and purposes, clever strategy cuts out all the time-wasting tests that normally have to be performed in order to even start your Ad campaign.  Finding your ideal target audience is now easier than ever and the more ‘local’ the better.

Getting the word out about your event is doubled-up automatically by our strategy plus, when someone clicks on your Ad, they are added to your email marketing list in order for you to keep in touch … even if they do not attend your current event, you’ll have them all ready to join you in the next one 😊

We still, of course, test different aspects of any Ad campaign by monitoring the analytics as we go but, all in all, you never again need to be lost in amongst the millions of other businesses who are trying to target the exact same audience as you are.

Get in touch with me at Marketing Bugle and where we can look at how Facebook ‘Local Event Ads’ can benefit your local promotions.

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