About us

After running several offline magazines for home businesses, Martyn launched a major local community magazine. This ran for around seven years and also won a national award for Best Local Magazine in the UK. Then a new local community magazine for his local area was launched which, eventually, led to the main online business that is still being run today, namely, Marketing Bugle support the Poole Community website project.

Originating from Poole, Hence, Poole Community, and now focusing on, Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding area with article content featuring business marketing & news updates.

While all this was going on, an online magazine for businesses named ‘Working Hours’ was being published every month.

This became the longest-running online business magazine in Europe before it changed to ‘Internet Marketing Bugle’ and then to ‘Digital Bugle’ which you can get free by joining our email updates and training.

Working Hours Magazine started off as an offline publication but turned to serve both on and offline where, ultimately, it was online only.

Interestingly, there are still articles from the original version being found around the Internet even today. Martyn Brown used to go under the pen name of ‘Kinger’ and where his regular business column was published in a number of magazines around the world. His articles were even turned into a book which was available to buy and download.

Living and breathing the Internet, Martyn started to build websites for local businesses. The main platform today are WordPress websites due to the ease of use for clients and their reliability.

Hosting of virtual servers via Amazon’s AWS platform is the current venture, making Marketing Bugle’s service the fastest and most secure available to businesses.

Branching out from website building, Martyn’s business, Marketing Bugle, now runs online promotions, builds ‘Sales Funnels’, marketing videos, email marketing, webinar systems and much more. Preferring to work on a one-to-one basis with his clients, the success rate is very high and clients tend to stay with him for the long term.

Martyn has said that those businesses that stay with him seem to get the best results from their investment into promoting their business. You do need to stick at it and keep things constant. That’s the secret of success. If you give up too soon, you lose your momentum and just end out blaming everyone but yourself.

Marketing Bugle with Martyn Brown have won several awards, right from small-time concerns to bigger national concerns and with, literally, hundreds of testimonials from happy clients (some of which can be viewed on this website) things just keep going from strength to strength.

Backed by a lifetime of marketing experience, it seems Martyn Brown had found his goal in life, and that is to support businesses online and get them hot new leads on a regular basis while keeping the wheels turning 24/7 using the latest automation but with a large dose of personal service … something that larger businesses are unable to offer but does, ultimately, make all the difference.

The Business Behind Poole Community

We offer a comprehensive range of expert website-building services that will help you to establish a powerful online presence and drive your business forward. Our mobile-friendly and responsive design ensures that your website will look great and function perfectly on any device, while our website security and protection guarantee that your website and customer data are always safe and secure.

Our content management system allows you to easily manage and update your website, while our optimization for performance ensures fast loading times and a seamless user experience. We also provide essential on-page SEO, so that your website can be easily found by search engines and potential customers.

With our full-featured blog, you can create and publish engaging content that will help to build your brand and attract new customers. Plus, our unlimited free stock images and bespoke graphic design mean that your website will always look professional and eye-catching.

We provide multiple professional email accounts so that you can communicate with your customers and partners with ease. And with our telephone, email, and remote support, as well as on-site training, you can be confident that we are always here to help you.

We also offer a range of valuable free extras, including a FREE SSL secure certificate, FREE 1st-year web and email hosting, FREE website statistics, and FREE website monitoring, giving you peace of mind and helping you to get the most out of your website.

Our mission

Keeping locals to the Poole area up to date with news and events.

Our address

Marketing Bugle, Poole Community, Suite 4, The Triangle, Poole BH16 5PG


Editor-in-Chief: Martyn Brown

Executive Editor: Adam Brown

Executive Producer, Video: Bruno Brown

Head of Social Media: Efe Ohwofasa

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